About Us
About Us


Vidyuth Publications is a family owned company that had its humble beginning in the year of 2011 in Chennai, India. Vidyuth in Sanskrit means “lightning” or “flashing thunderbolt”. When lightning strikes, massive amount of energy is dispersed. The company is named “Vidyuth” with an intent to strike the readers with publications that will provide immense knowledge.

Vidyuth Publications has taken a solemn vow to cater both “free” and “for sale” publications in Tamil and English. Our titles would focus on education, environment, moral values, and topics pertaining to Sanatana Dharma (Hindusim). We also aspire to publish book on topics related to Ayurveda, Yoga , cooking and eating tasty and healthy. We welcome authors with such ideas. 

How we do?

We ensure that the authors of our publications have competency in the subject they write and also do it with a true passion to share the knowledge with others. If you fall in this category and like to have your work published, please contact us. We also welcome fresh thoughts and new ideas for publication.

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