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Auvaiyaar's Aathisoodi
Auvaiyaar's Aathisoodi
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Auvaiyaar's Aathisoodi

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Aathisoodi is an alphabetic acrostic poem written in Tamil by the saint poetess Auvaiyaar. Aathisoodi is very useful for parents and teachers to instruct moral values to children and also serves as a tool to allow fast and effective memorization of Tamil alphabets. Auvaiyaar is believed to have lived in the 10th century and not much is known about her life. "Auvaiyaar" in Tamil means respected elderly woman and it is believed that the name Auvaiyaar has been given to three other women poet in Tamil's literary history. The moral instruction text "Aathisoodi" (Wearer of Orchid Flowers) and other texts such as Moodhurai (meaning "The Word that Endures) and Nalvazhi (The Right Path) is thought to have been written by the Auvaiyaar who lived in the 10th century.


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